5 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter


Unless you’re a celebrity or public figure, gaining a Twitter following can be a frustrating endeavor. Many users resort to buying Twitter followers, not knowing that it’s actually against the social network’s terms and conditions. Buying followers may look good on paper, but what many don’t realize is that the people who try to get and sell followers do so through unethical methods, making it a zero-sum game for you. Fortunately, you can promote your Twitter account through a number of safe and ethical methods. Some are relatively easy to do, while others are more technical. Check out the following 10 tips you can use to boost your Twitter profile’s visibility and following.

111.Paid Twitter Advertising One of the best ways to improve your visibility on Twitter is through their own paid advertising platform. Twitter offers a number of solutions designed to promote your profile and increase your followers, whether it’s promoting your tweets, your profile, or trends. Each method offers its own unique set of benefits when it comes to sending your message to your audience. This type of promotion can be very effective, especially when combined with our next method.

2.Hold a Contest Want to grab people’s attention? Nothing does it better than giving something away for free through a contest of some sort. Just be sure to have a prize good enough to convince people on Twitter to join; you also want to communicate the rules of the contest clearly. If your prize is a product or service related to your business, it’s easier to attract followers you know are interested in what you have to offer. A contest offers a way for you to show your creativity. Don’t just settle for giving away merchandise. Bundle it with an experience, a holiday, or a celebrity meet-up go for something big that will attract attention. And don’t forget to use hashtags relevant to your contest and brand.

3.Consider Guest Blogging Even if you don’t have your own blog, you can still build your reputation by writing blog posts for other blogs and sites. It may not seem like it, but maintaining a blog and making sure it has fresh content is hard work, and most people and businesses are happy to have a reliable writer come in to handle the dirty work every once in a while. If you’re lucky enough to score a guest blogging opportunity, link to your blog, or site, as well as your Twitter account. It’s highly likely you’ll gain followers through this channel, particularly if your postwas well written. This strategy works wonders if you can offer an incentive for Twitter users to follow you. Will they find more content similar to your guest posts? Will you talk more about a product or service you mentioned? If you can give people a reason to follow you, they will.

124.Print, TV, Radio, and Online Interviews
Interviews offer a great way to talk about your brand or business, providing an opportunity to share your contact information. Whether it’s making a guest appearance on a local radio or TV program, distributing an article on online directories or press release sites, any channel that allows you to talk about yourself and your company is also a way to share your online channels. If your budget allows, it’s a good idea to hire a public relations firm or specialist to help you with your public interactions and appearances. A PR specialist can help seek interviews on your behalf, making sure you are visible in local or national publications and newspapers.

5.Research and Release a Case Study or Report Many industries and markets the world over still treat reports and white papers as essential forms of transportation. If your company has any data or has performed research with results worth sharing, or even just some ideas that can help others in your industry, you can publish them in a whitepaper or report. This can get you attention from industry leaders, the media, and key figures and even just regular people in social media. And like any other form of offline publishing, such reports and papers can include your company’s profile and links to online channels, which includes your Twitter profile.

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The Ins and Outs of Creating a Google+ Page for your Business


Although it doesn’t command as huge an audience as Facebook does, Google+ is still a powerful marketing tool for your business. Unfortunately, setting up a page for business purposes isn’t so clear-cut, what with information on how to do it being all over the place. It doesn’t help either that instructions on how to do it seem to change on a daily basis. In any case, the key to setting up your Google+ Business Page is to take note of a few core factors, which we have outlined for you in this guide. Creating a Google+ Page First, the basics. Setting up a Google+ page for your business is a straightforward affair. You will need:

1.An existing Google account 2.A phone number (ideally tied to the business) 3.Address/location 4.Profile photo or business logo Once you have all these ticked off, proceed with the following:1.Log on to https://plus.google.com/pages/create. The page will prompt you to sign in to your Google account if you’ve yet to do so. If you have, click on Create a Google+ page2.Choose a category that represents your business. Note that your phone number will only be needed for the Local Business or Place category 3.Click on Create. You will then be prompted to input the following: A description of your business A profile photo or business logo. Don’t worry about your image not being a square. Google+ allows you to crop your image, so regardless of its size, it will always come out as a square What Now? Creating your Google+ page, however, is just the first step. And you can expect to get any results from your page at this point. There are few more things to take care of, which need to be done not just after setting up the page, but consistently over a long-term period.

Google-Plus-Business-Page11.Share your Page Once you’ve created your page, be ready to share it. Fortunately, Google makes this easy by prompting you to do so.

2.Set Up the Google +1 Button
The best thing you can do to spread word of your Google+ page is to set up a Google+1 button on your websites. You can then place a call to action inviting people to like it. Just be sure not to use any emotional coercion to avoid looking unprofessional. To set up your button and icon, do the following:

1.Take a snippet of this JavaScript code2.

Scroll down that page and customize the generated HTML code

3.Insert that code into your web page at the area where you want a +1 button to appear You may be wondering what the big deal behind the +1 button to appear is. It does the following:  Helps people discover relevant content based on personal recommendation It shows your profile photo when you click on a +1 button on another Google+ Page, Circle, or site.  It allows people to share your sites or Google+ Page It lets people see which of their friends and network has liked your listings Improves your search engine results pages ranking3.Enable Google+ Circles Google+ Circles offers another way to increase user engagement. You can activate it by doing the following: Go to Account Settings in your Google account Choose Google+ Customize your settings for Google+ Pages

Google-Plus-Business-Page24.Promote your Google+ Page If there’s one thing we learned from traditional media, it’s that telling viewers what to do actually increases engagement and drives conversions. And just as TV used the technique of repetition to get to their viewers, managing your Google+ Page is actually a continual process, one that has to be done over a long-term period to achieve real results. Here are a few ways to promote your page. Share your post – Be sure to have a consistent stream of relevant information to drive user engagement. You want to integrate your best keywords in posts and pique the interest of your users in a natural way Connect your Page, Website, or Blog– You’ve probably linked your Google+ Button on your site or blog, but don’t forget to add your sites to your Profile as well.
Connect your Page with your Google AdWords campaign –If you have a PPC campaign on Google AdWords, promote your Page by placing a +1 button on your ads.

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