Instagram helps to connect people via photographs and the vast variety of images help to sort the things which matter on this connecting app. Useful and meaningful photographs find their way to the top of the story rather than mundane pictures of the ordinary day-to-day work which includes eating lunch, having a new haircut etc. The people are interested in finding new ways to appreciate the beauty of nature and the effectiveness of the photography sessions with full enthusiasm.


The people who can view the top rated have seen the splurge in the amount of pictures which are either natural or funny or sometimes showing the abundant abilities of the creative minds. It is a place to share the emotions through photos and get the people to like and follow your accounts. Analyzing your stats through Instagram analytic services like helps to sort the historical data about your account and it shows you which of your own photos have received the most likes and comments overt time.

Consisting trends can help on gaining the right momentum and channelizing the efforts in the right direction. Using hashtags can get the attention since it puts the photos in the appropriate categories based on the popular tags. These tags can be included in the comments if they were forgotten and the edited version will increase visibility and attract more people interested in the same. Following new people can also help to garner new followers as the people might look at your profile and can think of following you back after taking a look at the profile and the photographs. But people should not be followed in bulk and the same amount of follow backs should not be anticipated as it depends on the level of matching of interests.

Geotagging provides another data point that can be used to categorize and each defined location has its own page including a map of the location and any photos taken there. If anybody publishes a photo from the same location, your image can pop up and they can view your profile and there can be a chance of a new follower depending on the pictures and the information provided. Giving comments and liking new pictures irrespective of the fact that they are in your list or not, can genuinely show your interest.

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Twitter is a great way to share life’s events and major news. To increase the followers on twitter, the personal information provided should be appropriate and apt so that the image created is nice. The profile picture should show the face clearly and the eyes should see the lens directly. If any business company has to be shown, then its logo can be used but in a sensible way.

The tweets should be interesting and should be posted on a daily basis. To maximize the visibility, it is important to post something valuable or if your life has got many ups and downs with natural turns.Sometimes the funny posts or videos or photos can keep up the vibe and attract followers. The posts should be put up once or twice in a day but it should be posted at an appropriate time to get maximum viewers. Since most of the users live in the US, the time schedule should be set accordingly and the time excluding office hours is considered genuine.

Using Hashtags is a great way to increase the visibility of the tweets and the people can easily identify who have similar interests. These Hashtags should be used in moderation and only a certain important words should be included to increase the exposure. It is important to follow those people who follow you so as to gain their confidence and to show that the tweets are not just to gain popularity, but to actually connect with people. Sometimes, it is shown publicly and the profile gets an added advantage.

People can be directed to the profile by giving directions to follow you on twitter using blogs, e-mails or other social networking sites. A celebrity’s attention can be caught on Twitter by sending them an @message, a direct message which can be sent to anyone on twitter independent of the following trend. If chances are, the celebrity can tweet, retweet or even follow, making it visible to thousands or millions of people, unexpectedly gaining popularity and followers.

Following the people with similar interests can help in the process and sometimes, asking people to retweet occasionally can show that it’s of importance and the word needs to be spread. You need to delete the accounts from your list whichare of no relevance to your account.

Most of the businesses irrespective of their size or brand use the social networking platforms these days for their brand promotion and other marketing strategies. Google+ also is one such website which has gained huge popularity over the years. If you are new to the usage of google+, you should know that this is one platform which is not meant just for your personal interests but also can do wonders for your business if done in the right manner. Here we present you a basic Guide to Google+ Business Pages which may help you and your business in reaching new realms.


Google+ has a huge impact on the search engines like google. And hence if you make your business page on this social networking platform, it is an obvious fact that it would surely appear high in the list of the google’s search list. This the first point in the Guide to Google+ Business Pages that we present to you. Make sure that you keep the general details like the username and title of your business page very simple and which displays exactly what your brand is all about. It is very important that the customers reach exactly where they want to when they visit your page.

The next step we suggest in our Guide to Google+ Business Pages is that after you are done making a page or setting an account, the next thing that you should do is link your company’s website to this page of google+. The instructions which are mentioned on the website in order to proceed correctly are mentioned very clearly and hence you would be able to do it very easily.

The next thing that you need to do is build your circles and add your clients and customers in them. This is one of the most interesting things about google+. It is seriously a superb way for notifying the people on your list about your products, new ideas and developments of your business.

The next thing you should do is allow people to become involved and interactive on your page. This is the last point on our Guide to Google+ Business Pages. Try to make people a part of everything that you do on your brand’s business page.

Keep these points in mind and you would get great results for your business and brand development with the help of Google+.

Facebook has a very huge source of online business, blogging being conducted with the help of Facebook pages. The modification of the pages into timeless has take a very positive turn.

The time line mainly focused on the following aspects:

1)    COVER

It’s very important aspect as the first thing people are going notice is the cover of the page. So to be precise one should be very creative about the cover as it represents the person or the brand.


This image is also something to be given some importance because it’s going to be displayed with every conversation you make; you can also be creative in designing it by making it look like a continuation of the cover pic. Profile pic can also be adjusted by some provided functions as scaling and dragging the image.


Covering from the top now we hit the mainstream of timeline itself. It comprises of features such Pinning, Highlighting & Milestones discussed below.

PINNING – it’s the ability to make one of your post static or sticky, meaning it always stays on the top of your timeline. Which would stay a minimum of 7 days until a new post is published. The post which is pinned is marked by a little orange flag at the top.

HIGHLIGHTING – it makes a particular post displays double wide as compared to normal ones on both sides of timeline. You can highlight multiple items pictures and videos at best. You can go back in your timeline and highlight the very stuff too, NOTE: You cannot pin and highlight something at the same time. To highlight something just hover over it and click the tiny star which is at the top right corner.

MILESTONES – this is something important because you can think about important that has occurred in the past and insert them in your timeline milestones are displayed at the bottom of the page . They cover Full width of the page & the date is included along with the description or the story of the milestone. Milestones can be created from the top of the page near the tab where you leave the status and photos.

RECENT POST BY OTHERS – this is the place where the conversation from others would take place, people leaving comments is visible here which helps you to engage with your followers.


Social media has become one of the popular platforms for any company to advertise their products and services. Facebook provides ample of opportunities for such people who want to reach the masses quickly and efficiently. Various strategies are incorporated within the Facebook website that lets you attract attention of the potential buyers of your services and products. The statistics say that 1 in every 12 people on earth is on Facebook making it around million users accessing the website and a perfect way to reach out people. This method of advertising is way cheaper and better than the door to door selling and other conventional methods.

Firstly you need to grow a fan base of around thousand potential customers who might be interested in doing business with you. Then, make an email list of the people as fast as possible. You can turn a FB status update into an ad that can be notified to all the people in the list automatically. This helps you to attract hundreds of interested lot for the various events, webinars and seminars. Once you have explored this feature of Facebook, you will automatically find other new ways to increase your business online.


There are plenty of reasons why a normal Facebook ad fails. Many of them do not specify their clear goal. Many of them miss this basic elemental step while designing their advertisements. They do not monitor their progress over the ads and do not have a reliable workable process. Their way of working is not consistent. Most of the advertisements put on fb are not compelling and appealing to the customers and the ad makers also forget to refine them timely.

There are few basic ways by which the ads can get working for you. The first step would be to get a clear definition of your ad. You should know how people should perceive your ad and the right ways to promote it. Other thing that you need to do is setting up an ad funnel. You can customize your ad into an app and sent it to the specific people of FB. Your ad should give its users multiple options where they can choose from and make it more interactive. This will boost the interaction between the people and the advertisement makers. The most basic and elemental step is to keep the track of the advertisement which you have made. That means identify your budget for the ad and act accordingly. You should know your target audience and focus on attracting them.

All you need to do is be laser focused and make it very sure that the  people should know what to do when they encounter your website.

Facebook ads can dramatically change your business; it can turn your online fans into paying customers! The way it works is we target a lucrative engaged audience that is eager to business with us and this directly results in increasing profits, creating your facebook ads requires few things to be kept in  mind in order to Boost your business with facebook ads.

1) Getting clear on your ad goals: the ad should be very forward and eye catching. The use of image should relate the followers & should create a sense of attachment .The details should be minimal and to the point stating the necessary.

2) Creating your ad funnel: Getting a huge fan following was covering the base, now to make some good out of it we mix up the ads with the posts and sharing direct links in the posts to attract our customers. The step in the earning zone should be taken care of by rewarding of some kind so as to please a fan to turn into your customer. This would definitely help you Boost your business with facebook ads.

3)  More fans

More fans leads to more customers, the way to excel here is firstly to attract more followers by creating a bond of trust and interaction which would help getting them to open up on your posts and talk on it.

Once the relationship seems to engage and get strong with your followers, the next step is the one in which you mix the links of posts to your product or website.

4) More engagement

Posting ads to your page should attract attention of your facebook fans & leading them to get engaged with your posts. If you take a little less care at this part then you


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms that are in use these days. People of all age groups use this social networking website for a lot of purposes. There are a lot of benefits of using facebook. People use it for their personal as well as professional interests. The range and the usability of facebook have widened drastically giving birth to the threats associated with it. It is very important to protect your privacy on a network like this. This article puts some light on all such basic tips that can help you protect your privacy from getting hindered and helping you keep your personal details out of reach of ill social elements.

There are a lot of privacy settings options which have been provided by facebook for all its users. You should make sure that you have implied all these settings and are completely aware about how they work. Take special care while adding friends or accepting friend requests. Don’t display all your details to everyone who is on your list. You can always customize certain details. Keep in mind that not everybody who is on your friend list may be trustworthy. Keep on reviewing all the settings from time to time coz this is something that would be totally worth it.

There is an age which is permitted to sign up as a user on facebook. The kids or children who are generally young in age cannot surely understand the concept of privacy very well. It is very important for the parents of all these users to put a watch on their child’s account activity. Make them aware about the details reputed to their security by talking to them about it.

Lastly, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you don’t share your passwords with anybody. Also, it is

very important to set a password which cannot be easily guessed or hacked. Use several combinations or numbers, letters and symbols in order to ensure that the password is safe and not easily cracked.

Keep in mind all these points and above all keep your mind open, aware and updated in case you use any social networking platform, especially facebook. Everyone’s safety is in their own hands you only would need to save yourself from problems over a huge communication and socializing medium like facebook.

Hootsuite is a management system catering to the social media which was created for the purpose of brand management by Ryan Holmes in 2008. This system tends to integrate various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and MySpace and offers a common platform to access the required information through a dashboard interface. It aims to enquire, listen and engage all that is happening from a single stage. It saves time and effort, thereby increasing productivity and enhancing efficiency of the system. Hootsuite gives an option to further integrate additional apps via App Directory like Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube. This company which is based in Vancouver, Canada is spread across various countries and has around 7.1 million users in around 170 countries. It works on the freemium model wherein the service is provided free of cost but charges are applicable to additional services and features.

Hootsuite allows you to access your multiple accounts on a single platform. This is a special aid to the management and marketing team of any company. Its primary objective is to manage online brands and spread their messages through the social media which can be accessed all at one point through Hootsuite. This web-based dashboard is one secure place from where various businesses collaborate and launch their marketing campaigns. It helps in identifying the target audiences through choices and activities shared on the social networking sites. It also helps in growing the markets by making offers that might interest the potential audiences. They distribute the targeted messages using Hootsuite’s dashboard.

The targeting is done geographically and interest wise using the streamline team workflow. One can invite multiple marketers to launch their campaigns, keep a tab on the competitions and generate custom reports using the analytics tool which helps in the management of these social networking sites and measure them as well. Many leading corporations use this podium to address the potential masses at one go. Some of them are HBO, The Virgin Group, The Gap and Facebook.

It’s an unusual way of brand integration. Owing to the fact that social media has become an important part of the tech savvy world, Hootsuite comes as a blessing to everyone who wants to promote their service, product or advertise their event. You can tweet live, manage event campaigns, publish targeted messages to the Googl+ cirlces, reblog notable posts abd create a stream on WordPress, and actively checkin on Foursquare to alert your friends, all at one go!